Compleat Administration: Virtual Assistant, Administration, Bookkeeping, Payroll, Secretarial, Mystery Shopping, Events Management, Databasing, Customer Service, Systems and Procedures, Marketing, Design and Production
"Why Does Compleat Administration Stand Out In the Crowd?"

With most administrative services, you are getting just that - administration.

The result being, you are only receiving help for one small aspect of your business.

What is the Compleat Administration Difference?
Compleat Administration knows running your business efficiently and cost-effectively is important to you, in helping your business thrive.

With Compleat Administration, you have your very own Administrator who knows your business and knows what your business goals are.

Receiving value for your money, is most important to you. That is why choosing Compleat Administration is the right solution for you and your business. All  costs involved in employing an Administrator do not exist when you engage Compleat Administrator to complete your work.

Compleat Administration is Extraordinary;

  • Will only work productive hours for you.
  • Not paid Holiday Leave, Stat Holidays, Sickness Leave, Bereavement  Leave,  PAYE, KiwiSaver and all other employee costs Is GST Registered, so all Compleat Administration services are 100% tax deductible expense for your business.

Your Compleat Administrator is experienced in every aspect of business, ranging from;

  • New business start-ups
  • Administrative duties
  • Payroll and Book keeping
  • Customer Service / Customer Relationships
  • Marketing
  • Organising Events

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Something to think about:
"Remember, you can earn more money, but when time is spent, it is gone forever"

- Zig Ziglar
Compleat is offering another fantastic service, Mystery Shopping and Customer Service Evaluations.
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Mission Statement

"Compleat Administration aims to provide high quality, cost effective, professional administration services to help small to medium sized businesses reduce their overheads.
Allowing business owners to work 'on' growing their business'

 - Honest and Reliable
- Confidential and Accountable
- Professional and Hardworking
- Supportive and Approachable

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