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Compleat Administration's Ideas For You - October 2009

 1.     Who is Compleat Administraion?                                                                  
 2.     Employee Versus Compleat Administration?
 3.     FREE Trial For Your First Week
Monthly Marketing Tip: Me, Myself & I Marketing
1.     Who is Compleat Administration?

 "Do You Need Help With Your Business Paperwork...Right Now?"

6 great reasons why you should call Compleat Administration today...
  1. Listening to You, is first priority - Finding out exactly what your requirements are, will help in  the right administration service for you and your business.
  2. Your business will be looked after by a Professional Administrator - Compleat has over 14 years experience in administration, office management, event management and all payroll services, offering more than 40 business services to help your business grow.
  3. Smart Solutions for Your Business - Compleat makes life easier for sole-traders and companies of all sizes. By choosing to use Compleat Administration you will help downsize your overheads straight away; forget about having to pay out wages, PAYE, annual leave, bereavement and sickness leave, also no need to pay for break times and idle/down time.
  4. Your Local Administration Support - Catering for you locally and nationally; even if your business is on-the-go.
  5. Compleat is Mobile - You choose which aspect of your business you require support in and Compleat will provide it straight away, whether it's in your office or at Compleat's Cyber Office - it's your choice.
  6. Free Trial for You - Your business will benefit form the savings, that's why we would like to offer your very own administrator absolutely free for one week. At the end of your trial, not only will you've experienced Compleat's fantastic service you will also see the difference in your business.

 Quick summary of how Compleat Administration can help you:
  • Getting to know the 'nuts and bolts' to your business
  • Catering for your employees and your customers as well
  • Experienced in customer service
  • Never stopping for holidays, break times or sickness leave
  • Impressing your customers and saving you money
  • Click here for your FREE one week trial of Compleat Administration services
 Call Compleat Administration today on (07) 573 5238 to discuss your business requirements.

 Phone:   (07) 573 5238
  2.    Employee versus Compleat Administration

          Cost Comparison 101.

  Many employers don't consider the long term costs of employing an Administrator.
 There are many  hidden extra costs to consider, such as:
  • Employing an Administrator for 20, 30 or 40 hours a week
  • 4 weeks annual leave
  • Sick leave
  • Bereavement leave
  • Maternity leave
  • ACC
  • Leasing of office space for your employee
  • Over time
  • KiwiSaver
  • PAYE payments to Inland Revenue
  • Hiring of temp. when employee is away
  • Ongoing training
  • Coffee breaks and daily idle time, workload has slowed down
  • Intangible costs, such as: computer software upgrades, furniture & equipment upkeep, ongoing training & fees and sick children.
  The cost of employing an Administrator can be very scary & expensive!

  When it comes to engaging Compleat Administration to complete your administration and business paperwork - there are absolutely no hidden or extra costs's easy, cost effective and there are plenty of benefits.

 If you require only 1 hour or 40 hours a week for your office work, administration or business paperwork, Compleat can definitely help you.

 Call Compleat Administration now on (07) 573 5238 discuss how you can reduce your business overheads straight away.

 Phone:    (07) 573 5238
3.    Your Free Weekly Trial

 "Why not try Compleat Administration FREE for the Week?"

 Compleat Administration believes the 40 plus business services they offer and the value a    Compleat Administrator will bring to your business, will help your business grow.

 Compleat would like you to have your very own Administrator absolutely free for one week.

 At the end of your trial, not only will you have experienced Compleat's great service, you will also make an informed decision, safe in the knowledge of what your ongoing costs will be.

 But be warned! 99% of the clients who take up this offer would now never be without their Compleat Administrator! Contact Compleat Administration today on (07) 573 5238 for your free trial.

 Phone:    (07) 573 5238
4.    Your Monthly Marketing Tip

"Me, Myself and I Marketing"

  The next time you read the local newspaper, take particular notice of the advertising throughout the  paper. 
90% of small to medium sized businesses advertising their services or products use  the following 'self' words in their ads:    I, Me, Our, Us and We

  At the end of the working day, are you advertising to purchase your own products or services from yourself? No of course not.
 You want to sell your products and services to customers; whether they are new or existing customers.
 Change from the above words about yourself to your business name, for example:
 "Phone Compleat Administration today" instead of "Phone me today".

 Compleat Administration can help you with all manner of marketing call now on (07) 573 5238 to find out how. Check out over 40 services Compleat Administration can help you with.


 Phone:    (07) 573 5238
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