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"What is Mystery Shopping or Customer Service Evaluation?"

Mystery Shoppers visit businesses on behalf of the business owner "disguised as an everyday customer" and do the things customers would usually do i.e. ask questions, make a purchase, make a return - all this done with a difference.

Mystery Shoppers are working undercover to evaluate the business and their employees. After the visit, the Mystry Shopper completes a report or questionaire detailing what occurred during the visit.

The report or questionaire, then helps the business owner to determine how the business is functioning from the 'customers' perspective.

For example, the business owner may wish to know the following:

  •  How long does it take for an employee to help the customer?
  • Can the employee give adequate advice about a product or service?
  • To verify if employees are neatly groomed?
  • Is the business clean and merchanise stocked?
  • Phrases employees should be using?
  • Are employees upselling the products or services?

If you are a business owner, and are interested in knowing how your business is operating efficiently or not, then the use of a Mystery Shopper is for you.

Think of it as part of your half-yearly or annual business maintenance tool, to find out how your business is 'seen' from your customers point-of-view - remember if you don't have happy customers, then you don't have a sale.

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"Here are some ways a Mystery Shopper can help evaluate your business...."

Traditional Mystery Shop: 
Involves visiting your business as a customer, then completing a evaluation form or narrative describing the customers service experienced, cleanliness, quality, sales skills and other aspects of the experience.

Employee Reward Shop: 
If an employee meets certain performance criteria, the Mystery Shopper identies them and presents the Employee Award to the employee. The Mystery Shopper may also be required to confirm those employees not qualifing for the Employee Award due to low performance.

Competitive Shop: 
Similar to the Traditional Shop, except it's comparing your business against your competitor i.e. location, customer service, cleanliness, quality, sales skills, point-of-difference.

Pricing Audit: 
The Mystery Shopper discreetly notes the prices of certain merchanise or items. This may be done on behalf of a vendor or supplier.

Telephone Shop: 

This involves phoning your business to evaluate the service, phone manner, procedures, employee product knowledge, number of times the phone rings before answered.

Internet Service Evaluation: 

The Mystery Shopper makes an online purchase, or ask a question via email, to evaluate the ease of ordering or the promptness of customer service. Internet service evaluation maybe used by retailers, travel companies, florists and other online businesses.

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Some examples of businesses which currently benefit from using a Mystery Shopper:

Car Dealers
Vehicle repair Shops
Resturants, Bars and Clubs
Book Shops
Mobile Phone Stores
Cafes and Coffee Shops
Dairy's, Supermarkets, Convenience Stores
Copy and Print Shops
Daycare Centres
Video / DVD Rental Shops
Discount Shops
Dry Cleaners
Fast Food Shops
Petrol Stations
Gift and Novelty Shops
Vege Shops
Hair Salons
Doctors / Chemists / Healthcare Professionals
Gyms / Health Clubs
Hotels and Motels
Internet Retailers
Movie Theatres
Nursing Homes
Online Services / Online Shops
Self-Storage Facilties

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