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"Your Confidentiality Does Matter"

By engaging Compleat Administration for any of the services provided by Compleat Administration, a confidentiality agreement is signed by both yourself and Compleat Administration to secure your business information.

Compleat Administration and their Administrators believe in total confidentiality for their clients.

Compleat's team of professional Administrators, are required to sign an internal confidentiality agreement per client. They also have a confidentiality clause in their employment or contract agreement with Compleat Administration, which they are required to sign.

Unless you authorize your information be released for public knowledge, all your information whether personal or business remains secure and confidential with Compleat Administration. The only exclusion to the above will be in any legal proceedings where Compleat Administration is required by law to release certain information.

Compleat is offering another fantastic service, Mystery Shopping and Customer Service Evaluations.
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Mission Statement

"Compleat Administration aims to provide high quality, cost effective, professional administration services to help small to medium sized businesses reduce their overheads.
Allowing business owners to work 'on' growing their business'

 - Honest and Reliable
- Confidential and Accountable
- Professional and Hardworking
- Supportive and Approachable

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